Our team is multifunctional and multitalented. This makes agile methodology enough to adjust our services to fit your preferences and needs. Whether you want us to build the entire app from scratch or just need an a la carte solution, our goal is to help you launch the best app. Our teams work seamlessly together to create a beautiful, polished app that is equal parts innovative and user-friendly. Paired with excellent customer service, you’ll find no better company to build your app.

Mobile Strategy

Whether you have the concept completed or you only have a vague idea of what you need, Mobixx tests every idea we come across. We want to know why this idea work, what you think it is going to achieve, and why people are going to use it. Our team of experienced strategists will work with you to cement your idea into one that really works.
When you choose us, we work with you and your idea, using our years of experience in the world of mobile and business, in what works and what never will, to turn your idea into an app that users will be crazy about.

Mobile App Development

Developing an app is more than just coding. We start by creating the architecture of the app. Once the architecture is complete, our developers pick the right technology for your product. Only developers that specialize in the technology we have chosen will work on your app. Development then continues in two-week periods, incrementally working on the app and allowing you to see the progress, give feedback, and help us ensure the app is exactly what you need. This process helps us make sure that the finished app is exactly what you want and exactly what you need, long before we delivery the final project to you.

UX Design

User Experience Design

Knowing what elements are needed for an app is one thing, but fitting them all together is quite another. Expert UI requires a lot of experience, and that’s what Mobixx have in spades. Our work goes beyond mere wireframes, to guarantee the perfect end experience. Once the UX phase is completed, we’ll then provide you with the blueprints for your app.

UI Design

User Interface Design

After the blueprints and wireframes, the next step is to get going with the UI. This builds upon your branding, to create an app that perfectly fits your corporate identity. We work with the crucial parts of the blueprints to kick of the creative process. After this is completed, we’ll then get on with the actual development of the app itself.

Server Backend Development

We always like to keep things fresh, which is why we use top-of-the-range server backends with all our apps.


We’ll submit your app to all the major stores such as the Google Play and the Apple, to save you plenty of time.


Mobixx helped us during every single stage of the project, from making sure our idea was fully outlined, to publishing the app in the store.

Eyal Flato - VP R&D, Cappsool