What drives us?

In short, we’re all about creating the successful apps! Every day, we wake up in the morning to creating apps that will really make a splash, and make plenty of money for their owners.

Iterative Process

We use a data-based development process that requires the apps we build to be continuously tested and then deployed. This allows us to get real feedback so we know what needs to be changed to make your app as great as it can be.

Open & Honest Communication

We believe that collaboration is the best way to get excellent results, which is why we involve you on every step of the way. You’ll be able to provide feedback throughout the project, to ensure you get an end result you can be proud of.

Smart investment

We work hard to keep everything on schedule and within your budget, while keeping you fully updated on what we’re up to at any given moment. With Mobixx, you can rest assured that we’re on track towards a successful project.


Alex Farovich, Founder & CTO

As an interaction designer and technologist, Alex is the perfect choice to head Mobixx’s Mobile App Development. He works hard to manage our various projects, and to ensure that we use only the very finest techniques and tools available to provide quality iOS & Android apps to our clients. He has plenty of experience with user interface design, and creating the best user experience possible. Thanks to this, he bridges the gap between the design and development sides of our operation, so that each project has a clear vision from start to finish.

Before Mobixx, Alex was head of development for the OMA Device Management Infrastructure used in the Altair Semiconductor, which was recently acquired by SONY.